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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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show if you cannot watch us live. have a great night and we will see record tomorrow. ♪ lo good evening, and thank you for being with us. the world has been waiting for several days for president obama and the russian president to sit down in a 1-on-1 meeng of the g87 in belfastnd to dcuss their differences over syria. president vladimir pin publicly criticized president obama's decision to arm the syrian rebels as reckless. today's meeting had been seen by many as a hopeful opportunity for the two leaders to resol their competing and conflicting foreign policy goals for the region and syria. instea both presidents effectively threw up thr hands at the conclusion of their
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meeting and agreed to disagree have differing perspectives. we share an interest in reducing the violence and resolve the issues so we will continue to work on the potential of follow-up. lou: theerussianresident echoed president obama's comments saying, our opinions do not coincide, but we have the intention to stop the violence and solve the situation peacefully, including burning parties to the negotiation table in geneva. thisfter vladimir putin vowed to keep the rebels away fm the negotiating table of the weekd, also warning it will not accept the imposition of a no-fly zone over syria. the russian foreign ministry
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spokesmanhead of the meeting lled such aove unproductive. the united states envoy confirming earlier today that such a no-fly zone is not now on thgenda. e issue of a no-fly zone is not on the table. whether iwill be tomorrow or some other day, i don't know. it is not the yet. saudi arabia has decided to help arm the rebels wit anti-aircraft weaponry and the latest poll gives considerable evidence that this country's citizens want no par of yet another conflict in the middle east a brand new pl shows 70 percent of americans now oppose the united states and iis ales sending arms and military supplies to anti-government groups in syr, many of which have loyalties to terrorist groups..3 the united states andussia a looking for a peaceful political solution to end the carnge. many roadblocks remain in the
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way of the geneva-based conference to negotiate an end to the 2-yeer civil war tt claimedivesf more tha 90,000 syrians. fox news senior whi house correspondent has oureport. >> get a pass ral golf course in northn eland leaders of some of the world's riche nationgathered for an economic summit. the bloody fighting in northn syria dominated much o the private conversation. between t the u.s. and russian leaders, tre were common goals belittle meeting of the mines. >> we do have differing perspectives on the pro, but we share an interest in producing -- reducing the violence, suring chemmcal weapons and ensuring that they %-subject to proliferation. >> the d before with british prime minister camerand saying that the syrian leader must go.
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[speaking in native tongue] >> i believe oneoes not need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies to eet their intestines inront of the public gaze and cameras. >> in principle a the leaderr support another round of syrian peace talks in geneva, but the rebels said they will not attend unless the leader a greece to step down. but the u.s. andussia are reatening to raise the ante, neither has actually delivered the more sophisticaaed weans and defenses they're proming. meanwhile, rort that's irania fighters are going to be sent to a syria. we're going t sendight weapons. it suppoed a no-fly zone in e past, but u.s. military officials saa the air defenses would make it a much me difficult proposition and it was in libya. >> all these maneuvers around the no-fly zone and the humanitarian corridors, the first sign of disrespect for
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international law. >> at a speech mr. obama suggesdis own success cou be aodel for companies like syria. >> the proof of what s possible because hope is contagious. >> this seemed unlikely he would respond, and some republicans suggestehe is preaching to his own choir. >> it seems toe they have a great media strategy. they don't have a great syria strategy. >> actlly, the president's aides suggested the rest of the regime can stay on. biography i is more interested in stabity a ptecting him. lou: thank you very much. fox news senior white house correspondent. for moreow on the differing perspectives, we welcome fox
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news middle eastern terrorism analyst. geral thomas mcinerney, a retired u.s. air force general, fox is military contributor. we thank you both for being with us. let me begin with you. that was quite a display today. the white house had been rather oblique at best. opaque about what the president's position on syria was unttl after the mting. this meeting amounted to what, as they declared they had differing perspectives a agreed t basically disagree. >> well, that is what they have done in northern ireland. thattitude on the ground is different. on the groundingf a very aggressive the syrian regimee haveve an introduction by the iranian, full-flged inian direct support by hezbollah across europe. onhe other hand, and unstoppa penetration ofhe opposition.
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the only group with whom we can partner is now being weeke. the free syrian army in the people of the free syrian army. as the conventional leade have been saying, we'll have a plan. we he a step after step, but not a comprehensive strategic plan so far. lou: we are listening to senator mccain, senator gramm and a handful of others, but certainly primarily from the republican party saying that we have got to get involved. there has to be a no-fly ze. we have to start arming these rebels. it is a puliar cacophony that is erupting in washington in support for another conflict in the middle eas your thoughts? >> well, i don't think they know what they're talki about. they're talking about supporting e general, d he is the wrong one, not the second a member o the free syrian army that was st taldbout. there are nine generals in the free syrian army.
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a former fox is military analyst hazmat on two occasions. they are secular. there the ones that we need to help, but we're talking about armi the wrong people. as far as t no-fly zone goes, the only no-fly zones are in the united states, over our air -ases where we groded one-third of our tactical air. now they want to crank it up. we aren't even prepared to do this. could we? re. buit would be a great cost to us. it is not going to hpen with this administration because they do not have a serious sategy on what to do with sia and what our goalsre. and that is a very worrisome thing. lou: or some command athe same me as president sms intent on marching toward a specific reresult that involves our suppt of precisely the wrong pele as both you and the general
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state here it is inconceivable ---well, i should not say inconceivable. it is all but inconceivable that e united states with the very same leaders that have led uso the results that the america people ad even the minority would consider beginning another conflict with such failed strategies and those who conjured the strategy's in command. >> you know,t is not just beginning to -- lou: let me be clear. i was not talking about having the stomach for it. i was talking aut having the od judgment and intelligence, referring to the american people to tell faileads, don't bother. >> that's true. you have a point. the general also has brought up a very important point. we are not yet talking to the right people. if you wt to do anything about
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it the maximum goal at thi point in time is to bring back some sort of balance beten the opposition in general without definingha is thepposition and e as side regime in the hope to take everybody to geneva with the russis are waiting not to help us and then the security council to give ushe veto. so that road is not going to be a solution. the other critique coming from inside whington, from some members ofongress is that we will do a all-out no-fly zone over syria without actlly clarifying to thelayer's score allies are on the ground. theeneral was right when he said there are some commanders who are secular. they should be invited to washington, not to istanbul or jordan. they should go to congres in front of the american public and clarify what syria we will see afte. lou: general, as you were just speaking aut the no-fly zone it gave meause because talking
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with the chief of staff of the united states air force some years ago, you pointed out to me that we have had our airpower engaged at that time it was several some years ago. now it is 22 years that we hav had our airpower engaged in no-fly zones, combat whether it is in afghanistan. this has been an unprecedented, persistentse of our power and an air force that has been taken to its limits, has it not? >> absolutely, and those 22 years weon a lot of the equipment out. we have not modernized the f-22 which would b absolutely required if the russians put i thas 300 surface-to-air ile. you have to be stealth if you're going to survive. we c the productioo off. seetary gates did under the obama administration appears fundamentally we have 100 f2 is that are capable of operating
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in this regime. and over this time friend we have ctinued to draw down t number of squadrons tt we have that put them in the boneyard. sequestration and through other budget cuts. so you a spot on. we hav over the last 22 years, we a not the same air force that we were 22 years ago. lou: and every are deploying f-16s to jordan. i'm not entely sure what wl be the result of that. and we are looking at a continued incremental steps toward ratcheting up at least the potentialor congress. we will be the outcome if we do is engage in russia and are we preped for such a conflict? is this commander in chief prepare for such aonflict? >> i don't have a answer. what i know, what i can see, there is no strategic plan. three conditions are success to
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be number one, to partner with the right people. we want to see them in washington. weeed to tell the other arab states to stop funding the dis. three, we better b prepared for confrontation if we want to venture. lou: you get the last word. your thoughts here. as we watch t president's come to no conclusion in a meeting. >> well, the president wants to humiate president obama. president obama doesot unrstand that. he is going to be humiliated. the saudis to massey said, are finding the islamists, muslim brotherhooand othe radals in this particular venture. and so the moderat are not getting the kind of funding that they need. and we have now exposed ourselves to a combination of chlenges. if we do something we'reoing to have o go in big time.
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the american people have not be explained why wshould go do this. would support that force structure to go in and try to resolve this pblem. it is not a very good decision at we have left t the american people. perhaps the israelis are going to have to pull it out themselves. lou: thank you very much. thank you, gentlemen. >> thankou. lou: much more onhe possibility of u.s. involvent in t syria conflict. weake it up throughout the broadcast. stay with . we're comin right back. the obama scandals are unending. benghazi, the justice department, the internal revenue service. at this point tcky dk and slick willie have their nicknames. nois preside oma's turned with yourelp. our search resumes in tonight's "chalk talk." bill wl, facebook, an apple,
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microsoft, more. do they deserve our trust? we a joined tonight.
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♪ lou: sto gaini. thozens industrials up 110 points. volume on the big board n bad for a monday. housing continues to be a bright spot on our economy. homebuilder seiment jumping to the hiest level in seven yes. gold dropping four and a half dolls to $.83 per ounce. crude oil flat settng just under $9per barrel.
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the bond market, the yield on the ten year re to its just over 2%. developments in the irs scandal. irs supervisor in washington d.c. aitting she was personally iolved in the viewing of some of the earliest applicatio for tea party groups who wer seeng tax-exempt status,ncludingdozene neglected f more than aear somehow. her testimo to congressional investigators directly contradicts claims by the internal revenue service leaders just a small group of agents in cincinna where the only ones responsible for the targeting of the tea party and conservative groups. and a cincinnati-based irs agent confirms pro-israel groups were also targeted -- well, treated differently from other applications that think is a way that theput it. he says, those requests were routely routed to a unit that examines groups for potenal
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terrorist ties. well, the presidents of reelection team launching 7-figure ad campaign trying to turn around the obamacare record high and popularity. here is just a part of organizing for actions first. >> what is the impact of obamacare? the truth is, americans are ready seeing the benefits. seeing more seniors with wellness visits. $150 rebate from heah insurance comnies. lou: does that look like it was directed at taxpayers'? i'ju curious. not only that, 0fas building its own small army of 800 summer fellows who wille tasked with promoting obamacare as it moves toward full implementation next year. republican senator and gang of
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eight member linds gramm sounds like a democrat when he appeared yesterday on talk sws here is the senator's argument for passing immigration rorm. >> if we don't pass immigra rerm, if we don't get it off the tablen reasonable, practical way, it does not matter who you run in 2016, we're in a demographic death spiral, and the only way we can get back in good graces with the hispan community in my view is pass comprehensive immigration form. if you do to at it does not matter who we run in my view lou:s we reporte the republican party share of the hispan vote actually fell ter presidentnt reagan sned e amnes legislation into law in 1986. but the benefit to the republican party in passing this legislation is certainly far from cle, if not out right we will be talking with the hea of the republican natial committee here tomrow evening.
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now on to the w weekend boxffice where man of steel crushed the competition, scoring the biggest oping ever for any movie leased in june. the warner brothers super hero movie are nearly $117 million from a meeting it is well on its way to recouping itseported $225 milon price tag. this on the comedy this is the end came in second, 20. million. lis gate n you see m ranked third with 109. up next, and last friday we revealed our top to nicknames that you offered for president obama. authored by you, the audience. our mailbox is running over. this time we have more of our favorite nknames for the scandal-riddenresint the u.s. intent. we are delighted to sharthem wi you here next. alec, for this mission i upgraded your smart phone. ♪
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scandal affecting a numbr of agencies committee irs me in the state department, the justice department. just to name a few. until recently the president had taken a big hit i his approval numbers and that is no longer the ase. a new fox nees surveshows the president's approval rating has fallen. it is down to 44%. that is his lowest rati in more than a year. he also asked our views to help ume up with a new nickname for the president. in the wa of all of these scandals, he deserves something special. something t rval slick willie or tricky dick. the reonse has been overwhelmi. we shared a number of our favorites with you last week. scary nation and obama dram here imore that have floated inver the weekend. it is not contest, but there it is.
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we start off with barely there very. the viewer who wrote and said at sometimes the president is sucking the life out oamerica. number three is shocker barack obama. and blameless barack. and the great divir, hereat -- you see how this can go. it gets tricky the pronuiation ofe of these. the kool-aid president. the author of the kool-aid president. he says the supporters cannot
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keep from drinking the kool-aid. number 10 is the lion homeland. keep your suggestion's coming. meanwhile, ke your suggestions coming in. e-mail me at and a fifth straight triple digit day for the dow jones industrial. and these jittery and bestsellers. fox news's john fund ad judith miller of their assessment of the man who gave away america's top secrets the pursuit of a betteromorrow
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lou: john morton has announced th he is leaving the immigration and customs agents athe end of next month. employees us have sued the obama administration immigration agency, they were filled up with being toldhat they can't d their jobs and the announcement comes on the same day that federal officicials had done thr jobs. they carried out successful rate of more than a dozen 7-eleven stores in virginia anddin new york's long island as part of a human struggling investigation. the hiring andiring of several . apple and google and micft claiming that theynow knew
10:33 pm
nothing about the so-called oven surveillance program. that our but our next guest says that we have already given up control of computing platfor to he varous comanies under discussion. joining usincludes or privacy and security over theweb. bruce is a seurit expert enabling the trust thesociety needs. it is great to have you with us here. as aecurity expert, you probably have the best opportunity to explain why anyone shld not start laughing out loud when google and ale and facebooktart to talk bout they deserve more respect from us because they just haven't more than a few thousan requests from the nsa and other
10:34 pm
agencies. inde, they are the ones that are actually taking a personal and private iormation and disseminating it across the web, aren't they? >> we e giving it to them. thats the way the web works. they need uso trust them with our data and our friendsand our photos. but threal good news is betraying that trust. thatat is their business model. they try to hidei. that they really rely on us not noticing t. it definitely had a sideline. saying that the government as well as just one more thing spume i saidthe companies disseminatednformation and that they'd didn't necessarily take it. disseminated across the web.
10:35 pm
some doesn't care what the privacy prerences ar they are going to do it they will. yet athe same time, it rlates the nsa and what oth agencies have done and i find thatutterly maddening that people are buying not posture almost unqutioned. >> there is a conflict of interest. these are the same types of correlations that you sein this that facebook and google and others do. thh difference is g to be the false positiv. they actuay show you this advertisement that you don't want to see. or maybe the samearithms that work in advertising do not work the same way when the government tries toget them to do illegal things. >> i think the should be a higher standard and in one case we are talking about a virtual
10:36 pm
world versus a real world and their there are accommodationn that have to be made in which we do notive. but our information and our data and some of her most private concerns have to do with us. you make a wonderful assesent and the way in which we are treated as consumers and users. and i think that you are exactly not. do you think thtthis will persist for some time? >> i think that it will still be foa wild. if you have an iphone a an apple computer, they invented the cloud. they are trusting that apple will protect you. all of your dta, there is a lot of reasons that you do it. but youhope that their interes align with yors.
10:37 pm
and a lot of these cases, facebook, google, you are not their customer. you are the product. so the normal customer relationship does not apply in the same way. the fact that we are increasingly theroduct and that our data is the product, it makes us realyearch fo these companies, producing data that they use o sell to the government. lou: i think you make a fascinating point. but i think we have toersist in not going and extend it out . we talk about making this trade-off about our rivacy and convenience and the alignment of interest. what could be a reater alnmt than the nsa in he government that is acting in our interes to protect us from terrorists. or wt could be a greater convenience and to still be alive at the end of the day thanks to this broad rveillance rogram.
10:38 pm
there is certain political, if you will, a litical group in this country, idntifiable and really hates the nsa doing precisely what google and facebook are doing. but in each instnce, the acts are allmost analogous in both te alignment, as you say, of interest and not always understood. >> this is what we need to understand. the questi is what is being ne and ho effective isit. so we are the taxpars we are the ones who pay forit and make the trade-off. we need to btold h effective each program ens. there has been a lot of weeling, they mit have been affectedn some ways. so we don't know how much they
10:39 pm
cost. it is a good use of our money. it is very unliky to be effective. this iswhy we needtransparency and acountability and we are talking abt the irs, and it's e same thing. they are doing agood thing and they need to fix it and they need to have the information. edward snowden gave us informion. but what the government is ding in our name with our money. spume celerity challenging the businessodel in the aggregate, a highly concentrated and powerful gro that cold easily be facebook and apple and microsoft and others. did i mention facebook?
10:40 pm
these are some of the intellectuals, those that include contradictio ad we id there somethg else. that is thpolitics of those of the nsa and hose who are getting exercised about, you owthose who are really driving the virtual wold in ich we find great convenience and value. >> there are two reasons. one is that we are being shown this and it's differt from being investiated. lou: tha we ned about everyby. it is almost ubiquitous that everyo is being invaded with privacy in the corporate world. but there is a narrow smal
10:41 pm
number bein investigated by the government. they are not analogous in size or scale oincident. the we are going to have to pk this up. because bruce, as he id, we could talk for a long time. come back and we can continue thconversation. i thk that it is a fascinating perspective. >> thank you. lou: coming up tomorrow, andrew mccart on the numeous scandals that now engulf the obama administration. we will be joined b reince priebus coming up as well. we will talk about what voting demographics include. we willtalk about ths up next. the dow jones industrials up nearly 200 points today. nearly 200 points today. we will be talkg withour this man is about to be the millionth customer.
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lou: a quite interesting daa on wall street. stocks selling off in a op-ed piece, ben bernanke says in on wednesday invtors discriminated etween it what about it is market that we need to talk about right now? is how would permeate. there are a few things that we
10:46 pm
are looking at u: dear ben, don't do that. let me put that down. [laughter] >> precisely. it is all a matter of the economic data. we have seen an uptickn jobless claimsever sends e saw the adjustment in may. lou: so the sun is high in the
10:47 pm
sky and ww are feelgbetter. that is a postive indication and it does dve earnings higher. lo yes, there is such a thing as supply and demand. if these companies are buying -ack shares, this is complicated . there are issues that would be there and therefore there are more dollars chasing the issues and that leads to a tendency for the market to go higher.
10:48 pm
>> you did goo and you nailed it. lou: this includes your smart@ phor your pc or ec. thank you for having younger showed. lou: me on your show a. lou: in his gray tabby with us. up next is a pc-based irs official. an outrage. we have the "a-team" and a great deal more. coming up n
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lou: joining us now is john fund. as well as judith miller. both fox news contriburs. it is so great to have youith us. let's start withsyria. several people talk about the revelers in syria. this president has st of been backhanded by president vladimir putin. where is h headed? >> since the moment he declared at he had a red line and if the syrians actually used chemicalweapons against the rebels were civilians, she is basically committing this country to mitary action.
10:53 pm
lou: it is only claimed by the administration, 1 to 150 syrians killed by the saudi regime fthese people don't send out more, i can see that, you know, people compare with the bay of pi. you hang the people out to dry and you don't support them when they really needed. lou: to a limited degree it mit be the case. it seems tbe leaving out a important piece of information. why would they not have as high of a sense of responsibility higher than the united states. i don'understand why we are in
10:54 pm
default. >> that is exactly right. lou: it seems like it is pretty interesting for a book. >> turkey doest want to any more than it's doing. lou: how about the israelis? >> do the raelis cn't? [laughter]
10:55 pm
lou: a new cnn poll showing hat approoal is down to 44%. he is gog the wrong direction. it is simply an adjustable. >> it is simply cribility. have the ameican people -- lou: i'm sorry, that was a cnn poll. i was creditg the more ruless fox poll. >> that is part of the cnn poll. including 56of the fox pol. the benghazi olicy is therecng the american than american interest. is is very troubling for a president. it is this kin o thing whre
10:56 pm
it led to a mplete lack of confence in the president's lead. then president bush could not get social security through, he could not -- disa if he would've gone through tat. >> i am just saying that ths is not god thing. >> if he lost his lead, he is becoming a lame duck unless he can turn this arond. lou: are you going to saythat he is ow? there is an enormous reseoir of propaganda.
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all easier to manage on the share everything plan for small business. coecting more so you can do re. get the blackberry q10 for $199.99. neil: it keeps on coming. welcome, i aneil cavuto. don't say that i didn't warn you. we learned thathey were bigger and far more widespread. the repts now showing that americannd british degatns were eavesdrops inone orld most of these guys were spyi on things at this meeting. a kind of makes you wonder at is going on in ireland at this latest meeting we r


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